The “new normality” in Catalunya, Spain.

MFer del Toro
1 min readMay 3, 2020

Second of May at 20:30 hrs:
It was a kind of strange feeling.. 49 days of lockdown passed and being around with to many persons some with mask other without mask.
I was overwhelmed. Trying to be as normal as I can, walking around for one to two kilometres in the neighborhood…nostalgic feeling about how the life was before…all time this thought was in my mind, we look like invaders in this place, are we?
Is this be the beginning of the end?
How can we control to keep the 2 meters of distance from each other?
It is a pleasure to be outside for breathing, but how it will be the price to go outside as it has to be, we will know fifteen days from now…

How fragile we are, there is not a vaccine yet to “feel safe”, we do not know if getting the virus will change our inmmunity system.
Time, time goes slow like never before and I started to love this slow feeling. I don’t want to change for a “new fast normality”.
I started to love being patient as a value that we have been before.



MFer del Toro

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