Can we imagine to use mycelium to change an eco-unfriendly production processes ?

MFer del Toro
2 min readAug 20, 2020
Mycelium grow at Elisava´s Lab

We are all part of an ecosystem, it is funny when we start to think in that because every animal and plant that surround us have the same biological system as us and they can survive in our natural system without leave any hazardous residues.
Basic needs will continue to require growing volumes of materials and
current production methods, however, have left us with a literal sea of troubles.

Mycelium is the vegetative part (the roots) of a mushroom, with a lot of protein, fibrous components can be considered as a natural polymer.
There are too many types of mycelium, we have been explored a fungal culture at the Elisava´s Laboratory, where we grown two different color of fungi, pink and white.
To grow it we have to consider first of all to kill any bacteria that can be in the surface and the environment by sanitizing the workspace, then, conditions like temperature, moisture and the growing substrate.

The process for creating is pretty easy, food waste like coffee and straw are mixed with mycelium in a mold, watered, and incubated for nine days.
A good new is that mycelium can be used to grow a biodegradable material that could replace Styrofoam.

For now a company named Evocative has been growing packing material,home insulation,fiberboard and even surfboards. The process involves composting plant waste products such as cotton hulls,rice hulls and wheat chaff which are then consumed by the thread like mushroom roots.

Design, Art and Science should drive together to communicate the variety of bio-materials that nowadays should take part in our daily products.

Future is sustainable.




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