Visión de una creadora apasionada.
Parte II

Baux world, Suecia.

¿Qué ha pasado con ese hilo conductor que nos mueve día con día? ¿Por qué, muy pocos lo contenemos? ¿El diseñar con sentido SOCIAL, qué lugar ocupa? ¿Nos volvimos individualistas?

Son cuestionamientos que rondan por mi mente. Por qué no nos atrevemos a diseñar productos más humanos, capaces de combinar objetivos medioambientales.

Muy pocas personas conocen acerca de los 17 Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de la OMS los cuales existen hace un par de años. …

Visión de una creadora apasionada.
Parte I

Montaña de hojuelas de envase multicapa (tetra pack). Fotografía por MFernanda del Toro, Barcelona 2020.

Iniciando el año con muchos cuestionamientos, como creadora, solucionadora y consciente de mi ser, he decidido ponerles pies y cabeza a mis ideas, permitiéndome ser principiante en unos aspectos y tomando las riendas de mi experiencia para llegar lejos.

Cómo bien dice Selene Castilla “El Diseño es una herramienta poderosa de cambio y beneficio” que está tomando consciencia cada vez más en nuestro país.

Pero aun así falta conexión entre los sectores que cito como título, reciclaje, sociedad y diseño.

Cada vez son más los centros de acopio y/o recolección de nuestros desechos…

In contrast to synthetic and natural, biocolor is completely renewable, it consumes low energy and resources to be produce, low amount of water consumption, low toxicity and pollution.

I enjoyed the experience, making screen printing in textile by using green algae powder, it was fascinating. We mixed the powder just with water to make the perfect ink, then we applied in the textile. The workshop was directed by Maria Boto at Elisava Laboratory.

I had used to take spirulina every morning in my milkshake and I couldn’t imagine that the algae can work for other purpose like natural pigments. As…

Mycelium grow at Elisava´s Lab

We are all part of an ecosystem, it is funny when we start to think in that because every animal and plant that surround us have the same biological system as us and they can survive in our natural system without leave any hazardous residues.
Basic needs will continue to require growing volumes of materials and
current production methods, however, have left us with a literal sea of troubles.

Mycelium is the vegetative part (the roots) of a mushroom, with a lot of protein, fibrous components can be considered as a natural polymer.
There are too many types of mycelium, we…

Bacteria Culture.

During the Master Degree in Design Through New Materials we worked in the grow of bacterial cellulose to got a bio-material in pale yellow translucent as natural and with vinegar smell. we experiment in the application of vegetal pigments to give a finishing in the final result.

The outcome is a flat base of bacteria grown on the top layer of the water. The material formed is thick, and shrinks after drying to become translucent sheet.
The ingredients to grow it are, water, vinegar, tea, sugar and yeast.
It is a biodegradable material with an environment healthy production. Three to…

I want to share some of the experiences that I got during a Master Degree focus on new materials. I´m always being wondering about the destination of the stuff that we throw away in the garbage. For some people are rough diamonds for others are just a bunch of waste.

With the idea to take advantage of the impressive number of residues that we are been accumulating day by day I worked in a DIY workshop.

Gelatine and Glycerine are the based components and walnut shell grained is the main ingredient. The peanut industry wasted about 50,000 tons of shells…

Second of May at 20:30 hrs:
It was a kind of strange feeling.. 49 days of lockdown passed and being around with to many persons some with mask other without mask.
I was overwhelmed. Trying to be as normal as I can, walking around for one to two kilometres in the neighborhood…nostalgic feeling about how the life was before…all time this thought was in my mind, we look like invaders in this place, are we?
Is this be the beginning of the end?
How can we control to keep the 2 meters of distance from each other? …

MFer del Toro

I am a human looking for being respectful with nature an agent of change and industrial designer. born in Mexico City.

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